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Craft top-notch travel experiences through

informed, smart and customized travel planning

Are you tired of spending hours surfing the Internet trying to plan the perfect honeymoon? Are you overwhelmed by the number of options for your destination wedding? Are you trying to plan a bucket list vacation for your anniversary and want to make sure you get it right? Everything looks amazing in pictures online, but will it look like that when you get there? 

As your online travel agent, my job is to provide you with the best information to help you make informed decisions for your honeymoon, destination wedding, or romantic getaway. By working with me, you will receive customized travel packages that fit your specific interests and needs for the travel experience you want. 

Enjoy stress-free travel planning. Save yourself valuable time. Feel confident that you have the information you need to make the best decisions for your trip and will be fully prepared when it's time for you to board the plane!



"Shannon helped me with my honeymoon planning (it was a surprise for my wife).  She was super helpful from the beginning, answering my many questions so matter how small or simple. She made sure I knew all the differences that going to another country brings. I am new to international travel.

As the day approached I received many tips and reference documents to help me. She checked in the day before and during my vacation to make sure everything was going OK.

I highly recommend Journeys and Shannon!"

—  Adam K., Google Review

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