Frequently asked questions

Do you charge a fee?

Journeys Inc. does not charge any booking or service fees.

Do I have to book with you if I receive a travel proposal?

No, you don't have to book with me. However, there is no additional cost to book with me - I do not charge any additional booking or service fees. Plus, if you book with me you will essentially have your own travel concierge through every step of the process. I am here to save you time, answer any question you have, and provide support every step of the way from proposal stage to your return from the trip!

What if I don’t like the options that you send?

If you are not 100% excited about the options, let me know what you liked and didn't like and I will send you additional options. The most important thing to me is matching you to the best option to fit the travel experience you want and envision.

When I’m ready to book, how much do I pay for a deposit?

The deposit for land only is $200 per person. If you are also booking airfare with your initial deposit, the cost of airfare will be due in full at the time of booking. The total amount for airfare will be confirmed on the reservation that you review and approve before making payment. Optional travel insurance may also be due depending on the coverage you want and this total will be confirmed the same day you receive your reservation.

How do I pay the deposit to book my trip?

If you do not include your payment information on the reservation form, you can use our secure payment form to submit your credit card information. Our suppliers accept American Express, Visa, and Mastercard. Some suppliers accept Discover cards as well. Alternatively, I can accept credit card payment by phone as well. NOTE: I process your payments directly with the supplier who holds your reservation. No payments are held or made directly with me or the travel agency.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, after your initial deposit is made, you have the option to set up a monthly payment plan or make payments at your convenience. Otherwise, you will receive a reminder prior to your final payment due date, which will include your total balance due and the final payment date.

What is the cancellation policy?

The cancellation policy will vary based on the supplier, airline and resort. Cancellation policies will be noted on your reservation form, prior to payment to confirm your reservation.

Why should I use a travel agent when I can book myself online?

Have you heard the saying, "online is for looking, travel agents are for booking"? Well, it's absolutely true! It's great to get ideas of what you want by doing a little online research, but there's a lot that online photos don't tell you, and that's where travel agents come in. We will give you the details that you may not find, or cannot find online, to help you make informed decisions. We have first-hand knowledge to share because we continuously travel to multiple destinations a year and stay in a lot of the resorts we offer, or we know who to contact to get the most up-to-date information when needed. We provide comprehensive information and tips after you book so you will feel like a fully prepared traveler before you board the plane. We are also here for any questions or conerns you have every step of the way, so you essentially have your very own travel concierge. You will not get this level of personal service by booking direct or through online booking sites.

If I book through you, will all communications from resort, airlines and tour operators pertaining to my reservation come through you?

For the airline, I actually set up the alerts to go to your email address after the flights are booked. You can also set up text alerts for the flights by accessing your airline reservation using your PNR/Confirmation number. For flights, you definitely need to be the first one notified of any changes. However, you should also contact me so I can alert the transfer company and resort if your arrival time changes. I can also assist in finding alternative flight options if needed. For the resort, I send notification to my onsite contact(s) about a week prior to your arrival with your information, any requests, celebrations, etc. I also ask for any updates that may impact your stay - i.e. restaurant closings, renovations, etc. and will let you know if there have been any updates or changes to the resort that you should be aware of prior to arrival. I do work before/after business hours for clients as needed for urgent situations.

Who do I contact for travel emergencies?

I work before/after business hours when needed for clients who are traveling and have an urgent situation. For missed connections or flight cancellations the day of travel, it's always best to contact the airline directly because most likely it is a time-sensitive situation. Some suppliers we work with also provide a 24/7 customer service line for after business hours for clients who are traveling, in the event that you cannot reach me - this will be noted in your travel documents if it's available. If you purchase travel insurance through our preferred supplier, they also have a 24/7 phone number to call for emergency assistance with any component of your trip covered under your plan.