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  • Shannon McAfee

10 Mistakes You Might Make with a DIY Honeymoon

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

DIY Honeymoon Mistakes
  1. Choosing a resort because your friend liked it: The term, "one size fits all", does not apply to travel experiences. Don't make the mistake of selecting a resort just because your friend liked it - your standards, expectations and interests may be completely different. Let your honeymoon travel specialist help you select the best resort based on your specific interests and needs.

  2. Booking the least expensive room: All too often, couples book the least expensive room under the assumption that they will not spend a lot of time in the room. While this may be true for many vacations, your honeymoon is a different story. Your honeymoon is THE time to spoil yourselves. You don't want to end up disappointed at the start of your trip because your balcony faces a parking lot. Let your honeymoon travel specialist help you select the best room and location within the parameters you set.

  3. Trusting online photos: Online images will all look amazing, but what you see online could be drastically different than what it will look like in person. Your honeymoon travel specialist, more often than not, has been to the resort or knows someone who has and can provide you accurate, up-to-date information.

  4. Traveling during the wrong season: It is extremely important to know which months are considered the optimum time to visit a destination and which months you need to avoid due to climate, holidays or other factors that can negatively impact your experience. Your honeymoon travel specialist can advise you on best months for your destination of choice.

  5. Planning too many activities, or not planning any at all: Two common mistakes travelers make are overbooking themselves, leaving no time to relax, or not planning anything prior to travel and missing out on exciting and memorable activities. Your honeymoon travel specialist can help you create a fully customized itinerary to ensure you don't miss out on your "must do" activities!

  6. Selecting the wrong destination: Are you dreaming of an oceanfront resort on a beach that stretches for miles, a destination with clear blue water, or swimming with the dolphins on your honeymoon? If so, the worst thing that can happen when you arrive is to realize that the resort you chose is located on a small, narrow strip of beach, the water is actually dark blue, and you can only view the dolphins in their natural habitat (if you're lucky!). A honeymoon specialist will find out your top priorities for your honeymoon and make recommendations that will match your vision.

  7. Missing your flight: A short connection time may seem ideal in theory - less time traveling, right? However, not allowing enough time between flights often leads to missed flights and travel delays. Your honeymoon travel specialist will recommend the best flight schedule to ensure you have enough time to get through security and customs before your next boarding time.

  8. Dismissing the importance of travel insurance: Travel insurance is not just to protect you in the event that you have to cancel your trip or your flight is cancelled due to bad weather. Did you know that travel insurance also provides medical and dental coverage when you are traveling internationally (most U.S.-based medical insurance providers will not cover international travel destinations). You can also get reimbursed for things like delayed or stolen luggage, travel delays, and missed connections among other unforeseen travel mishaps and expenses that may occur. Your honeymoon travel specialist will send you detailed information about insurance options to help you protect your travel investment.

  9. Not having the proper travel documentation and forms: Do you know the difference between a passport card and a passport book? Do you know that certain destinations require specific forms to be completed and submitted prior to travel and entry into the country? Your honeymoon specialist can provide all pre-travel requirements to ensure you are fully prepared before you arrive to your destination. This is especially important now as travel requirements are changing regularly due to the recent pandemic.

  10. Booking unreliable transportation, or none at all: Arriving to a new destination can be confusing and sometimes stressful. Your honeymoon specialist will set up reliable airport transfers for your arrival and departure, provide detailed instructions for locating your driver and give you a contact number should anything go awry with your anticipated arrival or departure time.

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