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A Wedding Registry is Great, Especially for Your Honeymoon!

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Wedding Registry

Wedding registries have been around for a while. They are a fantastic way to provide gift ideas for your guests for things you actually want and need. However, if you're one of those couples who have most of what you need for the home, why not ask your guests to help you fund your honeymoon and build your dream honeymoon experience? You can post activities you'd like to do, contributions toward your flights, hotel stay or the full package. Read below for two options that allow you to request cash gifts or cash contributions toward your honeymoon cost!


Zola is a great option for couples who want to register for both products and cash gifts. With Zola, you can essentially manage your wedding planning in one place, from creating a wedding website, managing your guest list, creating a gift registry to include cash gifts for your honeymoon, and more! Like most online gift registries, there is a small transaction fee that you can have deducted from the gift amount or let guests choose to pay the fee themselves.

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Travelers Joy is a great option for couples who only want to focus on their honeymoon and don't have a need or desire to create a traditional gift registry. However, if you have created a wedding registry on, Traveler's Joy is one of their partners and can be synced with your account. One thing that sets this option apart is that they allow guests to select cash or check as payment, which is totally free. Credit card transactions still incur a minimal fee that can be paid by you (deducted from the gift amount), paid by your guest, or split 50/50. You can set this up when you create your registry.

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