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An Affordable Overwater Bungalow Experience

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Yes, it's possible using the tips below!

Overwater Bungalow

Keep in mind that you still need a healthy budget for your honeymoon or romantic getaway. I can't tell you how to book a Bora Bora overwater bungalow with a $3000 honeymoon budget because it's just not possible. BUT, it is possible to have an overwater bungalow experience for under $4500 (not including airfare) if you are open to other destinations such as Mexico. Keep reading to learn more!

Affordable Overwater Bungalow Option Through a Split Stay

Split Your Stay Between a Standard Room and an Overwater Bungalow

Whether you want to travel to Bora Bora or book over the water bungalows in the Caribbean, one way to plan this at a lower price point is to split your stay between a standard room and an overwater bungalow. For instance, for a Bora Bora honeymoon, you could spend your first 2-3 nights on the island of Tahiti in a standard room. Then, fly to Bora Bora and spend the remainder of your trip in the Bora Bora overwater bungalow. You could easily save $1000 or more by planning a split stay in Bora Bora, Mexico, or the Caribbean.

Over the Water Bungalows in the Caribbean

Consider Different Destinations

Over the water bungalows in the Caribbean and Mexico are becoming more prevalent, which is great news for those who want:

  • A closer option than Bora Bora

  • All-inclusive overwater bungalows

  • A year-round beach destination

St. Lucia, Jamaica, and Mexico offer all-inclusive overwater bungalow options located within an adults-only all-inclusive resort. Mexico even has a fancy name for them: Palafitos overwater bungalows. These options in the Caribbean and Mexico are great for honeymooners or anniversary couples because you will be in an adults-only environment and you don't have to plan on paying additional for food and beverage once you get there. Everything is included!

Aruba offers a unique overwater bungalow experience at a boutique resort. Plus, Aruba is truly a year-round destination without a wet season or risk of hurricanes. Aruba gets very little rain and earns the "one happy island" term because it's mostly sunny all year!

One of the biggest cost savings between these destinations and Bora Bora is in the airfare. You can save $750 per person or more on airfare alone!

Length of Stay for Honeymoon

Shorten Your Length of Stay

If having an overwater bungalow experience is the top priority, but you can't fit a full seven nights or longer in your budget even with a split stay, consider subtracting a night or two. One of my honeymoon clients stayed three nights in a honeymoon suite and two nights in a Palafitos overwater bungalow. Their total cost for all five nights was under $4100, excluding airfare. The price will also fluctuate depending on the time of year you are traveling. If you are on a tighter budget, you can still have a luxury honeymoon in an overwater bungalow by reducing your number of nights and traveling during the off-peak season.


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