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Honeymoon Planning Timeline

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Honeymoon Planning

Many couples leave the honeymoon planning as the one of the last "to do" items on their very long wedding planning list. However, the best time to plan your honeymoon is anywhere from 8-12 months prior to travel, depending on the destination. You can use this timeline as a guide for planning your dream honeymoon. Contact me when you are ready to start planning and I will take you through each step of the process to help you customize your honeymoon package.

10+ Months Prior: start narrowing down destinations and thinking about an overall budget for your honeymoon. Also consider the type of honeymoon experience you want: relaxing and intimate, active and adventurous, tropical or a European adventure.

8-9 Months Prior: contact a honeymoon travel specialist (me!) if you haven't already to decide on the best destination and resort options for the type of experience you want. Honeymoon specialists can help you make informed decisions to ensure you are maximizing your budget while getting the travel experience you desire and envision.

6 Months Prior: check your passports and make sure will not expire within six months of your return date. Also get vaccinations if your destination requires it.

3 Months Prior: start finalizing your itinerary, including pre-booking tours and activities. Your honeymoon travel specialist can give you recommendations and book these activities for you!

2 Months Prior: start shopping and creating your packing list. Purchase your luggage, if needed, packing cubes, clothing items, and any other travel products you may need.

2 Weeks Prior: make sure you have all of your travel documents and vouchers in order. Make copies of your passports to provide to your travel agent and/or friend or family member at home. Start putting together a first aid kit, carry on items and create a packing list.

Day Before Departure: complete your online check-in for your flights 24 hours prior and re-confirm your flight time. Make sure you carry-on has your passports, travel documents and vouchers, valuables, medication and a change of clothes and/or swimsuit for when you arrive (in case your room is not ready when you get there).

Ready to start planning your honeymoon? Contact me today!


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