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How to Create a Budget for Your Dream Honeymoon

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Honeymoon Budget

There are several factors that impact how much you will spend on a honeymoon. Listed below are the most important factors to consider when thinking about a budget for your honeymoon. Of course, your honeymoon travel specialist can help you customize a honeymoon based on your budgetary needs as well as your desires and interests!


The destination you choose greatly impacts the cost of your honeymoon. Let's say you want a tropical destination for your honeymoon. Did you know that the difference in the cost of flights between Mexico and St. Lucia can be $300 per person or more?

Time of Year

Time of year also has a major impact. For instance, if you have a December wedding and want to travel between Christmas and New Years, you are going to pay premium prices for traveling during a major holiday. (Note: some tropical destinations also raise prices just for traveling during winter months vs. Fall or Spring). Ask your honeymoon specialist about traveling during a shoulder season if you're flexible!

Type of Accommodations

Do you want a luxury resort experience or a honeymoon suite with a view of the ocean? Are you staying at an all-inclusive, or do you need to set aside part of your budget for meals/beverages while you're there. How close do you want to be to the major sites and attractions? Quality of hotel, room view, amenities, inclusions, as well as location will greatly impact your overall cost.

Activities and Transportation

Do you want to book private or group activities? How many activities do you want to do? Do you want VIP arrival service that will provide fast-track through customs and immigrations? Do you need to rent a car? I recommend pre-booking as much as possible, not only to have a more accurate idea of budget, but also to greatly improve your overall travel experience. The less you have to worry about booking while you're there, the better!

Contact me today to ensure you are maximizing your honeymoon budget and crafting the honeymoon experience you want!


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